Platform for collaborative forestry logistics

Campaign: What wood you do

Submitted by: Mikael Frisk

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The idea is based on experience from the collaboration that today takes place between forest companies, mainly through the exchange of pulpwood for minimizing transport distances. Our goal is to offer a digital platform that easily and effectively promotes cooperation between industry players in the forestry supply chain. The platform will, with a high degree of automation, use advanced optimization models for collaboration to propose optimal collaborative transport solutions for the participating companies without compromising integrity or competition. The platform enables a high degree of interaction which in turn leads to increased resource efficiency, lower costs, less energy use, less emissions, and opportunities for a higher biomass yield. The platform will be open to all actors, e.g. forest companies, who see needs and opportunities for cooperation.

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Julian Reisz

What a great Win Win idea! Who pays for the platform maintenance? Do you have a hypothesis of how it will make money?