Wood flakes to pulp

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Submitted by: Nicklas Bonander

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Can one design the paper-mill wood-chipping process in a more energy efficient way by chipping the wood into thin wood-flakes ? A very thin wood-flake will be much more emendable for pulp-cooking, and use less energy and chemicals to obtain preserved fiber properties. Need to design a wood-chipping machine that split the fibers and shred these along the fiber lines with a new invented shredder machine. These 2cm long 1-3mm thick “needle thin wood sticks” is then requiring a milder pre-treated (temp, pressure, acid, base delignification step). A main hurdle of this invention is to design an efficient wood-stick creation machine.

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Julian Reisz

Have you tested this with manually cut wood pieces? How much milder or cheaper in terms of energy or chemicals is the production? If you can make this calculation, it will make the business case for investing in the machine much easier.