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Equestrian sports is the fifth largest sport in Sweden (and the third largest for children and youth) where more than half a million people practice activities related to horses. In 450 riding schools there are more than 5 Million riding hours every year. From a gender perspective riding is the largest sport for women and girls, representing 91%. The equestrian business are growing with a total turnover of 50Bn SEK every year. Sustainability work in this arena is far from Best practice. As a rider and a horse-addict it is easy to identify several potential areas for improvement. One is how to solve dust problems in riding arenas and paddocks. Dust is a real challenge and are normally solved by adding lots of water or salt. Water systems are expensive and with low function in wintertime. Salt is actually harmful in large amounts for humans, animals and environment and could represent a significant cost. Our solution is to Offer a new business model and solution for prohibiting dust in riding areas. It is based on residuals from pulping process (lignin) and combined with softeners. The solution will lower the cost and make it more convenient for the end Consumer, be less harmful and use less endless resources. Lignin has former been used for binding dust at gravelled roads but never in this application. We have combined a material solution with technology for application. It has so far been tested in a demo for two years.

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Julian Reisz