Already today, the forest plays an important role in combating climate change. It binds carbon dioxide as it grows and then we can use it for houses, packaging, materials and other climate-smart products.

But there are still challenges to solve in sector to make the contribution to the climate and the circular fossilfree society even greater. We simply need more innovations and you, as an innovator and entrepreneur, play a very important role in how we will succeed.

To inspire you to continued innovation and development, even after this competition is completed, we want to present a number of challenges that are crucial to solve.

10 strategic goals and 46 challenges identified by the European forest-based sector

Do you have the solutions?

Forest-based sector technology platform(FTP) is the European hub for research and innovation in the forest-based bioeconomy.

Together with partners and members in Europe, FTP has decided on the above listed strategic goals for the European forest sector. These strategic goals form the basis of a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for 2030 (SIRA 2030).

Under each of these 10 strategic goals, SIRA 2030 has listed challenges and the important innovation activities needed to tackle the challenge. Click on one of the goals to read more information, find examples of some of the challenges and get inspiration for how your solutions can contribute.

You also can download the full document here, SIRA 2030.